A schematic overview of Python built-in types

A schematic overview of Python built-in types

15 Jun 2022

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I am trying to further my Python skills whenever I have the time. Recently, I was refreshing my knowledge as to the data types that are built in to the Python interpreter.

Amongst other online resources, I consulted the official Python documentation.

However, I also searched for a schematic overview of types. Although there are quite a few of these schematics, I found none of them satisfactory to my needs.

Therefore, I decided to create my own overview, which I want to publish here. It is based on the page that I just referenced with the hyperlink. So it’s based on the primary source instead of on secondary literature.

Please note that this overview is by no means complete. Although I believe that the types that are the most relevant to test automation are in there, I will expand the drawing in the future and update this page with it.

In the meanwhile, I think the overview in its current form can be helpful.

Overview of Python built-in data types.

If you find errors in this schema, please let me know in a comment below.

Once more: the overview is not (yet) complete. It is a work in progress.

A schematic overview of Python built-in types.
A schematic overview of Python built-in types.

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